Transaction builder

Learn how to use the transaction builder in Mirai

The Transaction Builder is a powerful feature on Mirai that allows users to review, edit and manage all the actions and functions they have created via the Quick Action menu, such as deposits, borrows, mints, etc. It provides a comprehensive view of all the transactions a user intends to execute and enables them to make any necessary adjustments before finalizing and approving the transaction. Here are the steps to use the Transaction Builder:

  1. Open the transaction builder by clicking the "OPEN" button on the right side of the user interface.

  2. Review the list of all the functions and actions you have generated through the Quick Action menu.

  3. You can add, remove, rearrange, and edit transactions before approving the final transaction.

  4. The builder automatically checks the amount of gas you will spend and checks for errors.

  5. Transactions are executed in the order you have specified, and you can rearrange them in a drag-and-drop fashion.

  6. You can send transactions from different sub-accounts at the same time.

Using the Transaction Builder before approving a transaction can help users to ensure that the transactions are error-free and cost-effective. It's also a good way to track and manage your overall position and make any adjustments as needed. Additionally, the Builder enables you to see the gas costs, and total amount of the transaction, the total amount of assets moved and the status of the transaction at any given point of time.

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