Cross Chain Lending and Borrowing

Mirai Protocol allows you to lend to any chain and borrrow from any chain

The Problem that Mirai Protocol solves

The Mirai Protocol is designed to address the problem of fragmented liquidity in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. As the number of blockchain networks and layer-1 protocols (L1s) continue to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult for users to find liquidity across all of these different networks. This can make it hard for them to efficiently manage their capital and for adoption of DeFi to grow.

The Mirai Protocol solves this problem by allowing users to interact with the lending protocol from different L1s, rollups, and sidechains. The core protocol is deployed on Polygon's zkEVM, which is highly efficient at processing related transactions. However, users on any other chain can still interact with the protocol, lending and borrowing assets from it.

Users have a unified account that allows them to add collateral from different chains such as Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain and borrow on other chains like Polygon and Ethereum. This allows users to easily manage their assets across multiple chains, improving capital efficiency.

Additionally, Mirai protocol provide a solution to the composability problem of cross-chain applications, which could lead to the creation of a cross-chain platform like DeFi legos. It can be seen as the standard of how cross-chain protocols should be built and integrated to build different DeFi apps.

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