Create Sub-Accounts

Learn more about sub-accounts on Mirai

Mirai sub-account feature allows users to create separate accounts within their main account, without the need for additional wallets or connections. This can be useful for managing and isolating different positions, as well as for security and organization purposes. Here are the steps to create a sub-account on Mirai:

  1. Log in to your Mirai account.

  2. Go to the Sub-accounts page

  3. Click on the "Create Sub-account" button.

  4. Provide a name for the sub-account

  5. Select the assets you want to add to the sub-account

  6. Click on "Create Sub-account" button Once you have created a sub-account, you will be able to deposit assets, borrow and lend, trade, and perform other operations within that sub-account.

Each sub-account is completely isolated from other sub-accounts in terms of assets, transactions, and borrow/lend operations. Additionally, You can create multiple sub-accounts as per your need to manage and segregate assets, different borrowing and lending strategies or for managing different use-cases and teams. It is important to note that some operation and the level of control over the sub-accounts may depend on the level of access you have been granted on the platform, it's always good to check with the platform documentation before proceeding.

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